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Road To Polish Con

Here you will find the weekly brand features for the Road To Polish Con. Polishes will open for sale on Sunday at 8AM EST and remain available until Saturday at Midnight EST. Shipping will now be a flat rate of $3.50 for Domestic orders and $11.00 for International orders that ship weekly. If you plan on Holding Shipment until the end USE CODE FREESHIP which will remove your weekly shipping charge. You will be invoiced for an accurate shipping price at the end of week 11 and orders will ship once invoice is paid.

Pre-order lasts one week once the pre-order closes on Saturday night I notify the makers they then have 4 days to ship to me. I almost always have the polishes in hand by the following Friday at which point I pack and ship usually by saturday evening. If you have any questions or concerns about shipping please do not hesitate to ask.

Weekly Lineup

Week 1 2/25-3/3
Ever After/inspurrrations/pepperpot Polish

Week 2 3/4-3/10
Anchor & Heart/Lollipop

Week 3 3/11-3/17
Supernatural/LE Polish

Week 4 3/18-3/24
Bohemian/Turtle Tootsie

Week 5 4/15-4/21
Sassy Cats/Kathleen & Co

Week 6 4/22-4/28
Fleur De Lis/Takko

Week 7 4/29-5/5
Glisten & Glow/Different Dimension

Week 8 5/6-5/12
Great Lakes/Poetry Cowgirl

Week 9 5/13-5/19
Girly Bits/Flirtin

Week 10 5/20-5/26
Dollish Polish/Bees Knees

Week 11 5/27-6/2
Contrary/Noodles Nail Polish

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