Tickets Now On Sale for New Orleans!

Road To Polish Con 2019

Road To Polish Con is back again as we are gearing up for New Orleans 2019! Each polish listed is EXCLUSIVE to the RTPC and can only be purchased here now! These polishes are never releasing again so be sure to get yours before it is gone for good! All polishes are PRE-ORDER and will ship 7-10 days after the sale closes. All prices are set by the individual brand owners. Any questions or concerns please e-mail

Group A 1/18-2/3

Ever After - Will Flash My Mani For Beads $11- An antique silver holo loaded with the colors of Mardi Gras and purple green and gold UCC flakes.
Fair Maiden - French Quarter Phantom $11- This polish is inspired by the haunted stories buried in the rich history of the French Quarter. This taupey lavender linear holo is finished with iridescent green flake and purple UCC flake. Available in the RTPC shop for $11.
KBShimmer - Beignet Done That - $10 New Orleans is a city steeped in history, culture, and good times. From the beads of Mardi Gras, to the beignets and chicory coffee of Café du Monde, New Orleans has a little something for every adventurous spirit. This Spring, travel the Road To Polish Con with KBShimmer and our NOLA-inspired polish, Beignet Done That. Inspired by the classic green, purple and gold colors of Mardi Gras, Beignet Done That starts with a bold multichrome that shifts from shades of emerald and forest green into a warm purple with hints of magenta and red. A scattered holo micro glitter adds sparkle, while gold flakes make this a shade perfect for Bourbon Street.
Tonic- Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler $13 - A bright glowing purple linear holographic polish with tiny holo micro glitter sparkles!
Alter Ego - Fais do-do $4.75/$9.50 sparkly pink shimmer with bronze lean. if minis are allowed $4.75 8.5 ml, full size $9.50 17ml no cap, no overpour for the show
Kathleen & Co - Light My Flambeaux -$12 A bright red base with orange/red magnetic
Illyrian - Rising Sun Blues $13 - A deep navy blue base with a blue/red multichrome shift and iridescent flakes in red/copper/green - blue/violet - green/purple & green/gold.
Crystal Knockout ~ Fifolet of the Bayou: $13. A super shifty bluish-green to violet with red/gold aurora and purple-red-orange UCC flakies.
Rogue Lacquer “Spirits, Magic and Mystery”$12 ~ Green gray creamy scattered holo with green to magenta color shifting flakes and red to green color shifting shimmer
Sassy Sauce Polish- Lucky Papa Legba Offering $12 Papa Legba is a loa in Haitian/ New Orleans voodoo who serves as the intermediary between loa and humanity. He facilitates communication, speech and understanding. Some popular offerings for him are coffee, rum, coconut, cigars, pipe tobacco, peanuts and pennies. So here we offer this polish inspired by his favorite things. It is a brown jelly base with holo, duo chrome shifting flakies and a golden copper Shimmer. At night it’s a sparkly copper but when you add light, the holo takes over!!!! no Cap, over pour will be sold at Polish Con if available
Turtle Tootsie- ‘Crazy Crawfish’ $11 A red orange holo with gold shimmer and flakies
Native War Paint - The Brat Prince $12.50 - A pale violet with turquoise shimmer, purple to aqua aurora pigment and tons of holo.
Great Lakes Lacquer~ Bayou Princess $13 Soft sea green multichrome holographic with shifts to watery blue, periwinkle and orchid. Over pour will be sold at PC, if available.


Group B 


Girly Bits : Bourbon Street Stroll is a deep purple with a red-gold-green magnetic pull, and green-purple shimmer. $13 USD, 5 Free, Cruelty free, Vegan. 
Poetry Cowgirl
Bees Knees
Pepper Pot
Don Deeva
Leesha's Lacquer
Nail Hoot